Live reading: “Fear and Loathing on the Way to Las Vegas”

It was the experience of a lifetime to follow The Speed Project on their record-breaking 37-hour, 344-mile relay from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. I was honored to publish the story in METER’s Issue #05, giving a glimpse into an endeavor far beyond any relay or ultra I’d witnessed.

Riding with Paul

The concept of the piece was to create an homage to Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas — as I read the book and watched the film, I couldn’t help but see parallels in the two trips across the desert, both asking to push humanity to its brink and resulting in surreality and supersaturation. Throughout our journey, in the 90-degree heat and through the middle of the night, I found myself channeling the confusion and confidence of Dr. Thompson as I took in my surroundings — I’m thankful to the METER editorial team for giving me that lens of inspiration and texture.

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