Hare A.C. PR Bonus FAQ

What is the PR Bonus?

We believe in celebrating accomplishments. The PR Bonus is offered annually to members of Hare A.C. Members who run a PR in a timed running race wearing Tracksmith should submit the race results, previous race results and a photo from the race to These will be verified and a digital gift card for $100 will be issued. Only one PR Bonus may be redeemed per calendar year.

What races or distances count towards a PR Bonus?

To be eligible for the PR Bonus, races should be officially timed with results available for the team to review (either by link or photo). Races should be running events only - multisport submissions are not eligible. To be eligible for the bonus, you must submit previous race results over the same distance (i.e. 5k vs 5k.) First attempts at a new distance are not considered PRs eligible for a bonus.

How will I receive my bonus?

A digital gift card to will be emailed to your account.

What do I need to wear to be eligible?

You are eligible for the bonus if you PR in any Tracksmith item (singlet, shorts, hat etc). We need to be able to identify the item in the submitted photo. 

What if my race doesn't offer photos?

Please be sure to snap a photo from before or after the race showing you in your Trackmsith kit with your race bib.

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